Inspire Ignite is an organisation founded in 2014 that is dedicated to providing mental well being and emotional intelligence for students of all ages across the York and North Yorkshire areas through the use of our expertly developed mental health and wellbeing programmes. 

Mental Health Programs for Primary Schools in York 

Mental Health Programs for Primary Schools in Grimsby 

We provide mental health and emotional intelligence based programmes to children ages 7-11 in primary schools across the whole of York and the surrounding areas. These courses address how emotional intelligence impacts our entire lives, helping to understand who we are and how we feel as well as how to process these emotions all in a healthy way using skills that can be made for life. 
Designed to help develop an emotional vocabulary, build self confidence and help to manage the transition period between primary school and secondary school, our children’s mental health and wellbeing programmes are the ideal way to support your pupils in their growth and development at such a pivotal role in their young lives. 

Mental Health Programs for Secondary Schools in York 

Promoting mindfulness, mental health, well being awareness, and developing emotional intelligence for students in secondary school is fundamentally important for emotional development. 
Whether it’s students dealing with stress and anxiety, exam and coursework pressures, transitioning to higher education or life after school, or any of the countless other factors that impact everyday life, mental health support for secondary and high school students is pivotal. 
We provide multiple different mental health and well being programmes for secondary schools across York and the surrounding areas, helping both students to navigate what can be some of the most complicated and confusing times in their lives as well as helping teachers and staff to deliver this training and how to help their students in the best way possible too. 

How Our Children’s Mental Health Programmes Work 

How Our Children’s Mental Health Programmes Work 

Our multiple primary and secondary school mental health programmes, workshops and courses are made up of different content that is tailored entirely to the age-appropriate audiences they are supporting and the different events or experiences occurring in their lives both now and in the future. 
What our primary and secondary school mental health programmes do share however is the ease of delivery. We have curated our programmes to be deliverable to any school in the York area, as well as across the entire country. 
We give you all of the skills, resources and training that you need in order to be able to deliver this information entirely within your own resourcing, as well as offering our own support and delivery options to make sure you’re getting the very best for what suits your school's needs. 
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