A Photograph of A Hedgehog In Grass
As lockdown restrictions ease and some kind of normal life returns you may have mixed emotions and feelings. Some people have been eagerly waiting for this moment and want to get straight back to their former lives. For others, the changes that they have lived through for the last 14 months have had a profound effect on their wellbeing and the thought of going back out into the world and back to their busy life is daunting and they are feeling very overwhelmed. 
It struck me whilst feeding the hedgehogs in my garden that are coming out of hibernation, some are hungry and want to grow, they have no fear and head straight for the feeding station regardless of what is around them. Others scurry and stop at every sound or movement wondering what lies ahead as they take time to adjust to their new surroundings, so like the hedgehogs not all of us coming out of a long “hibernation” will be eager to take up the reins, be careful and supportive of those who are a little more cautious, you never know when you may need them and their skills. 
We don’t always feel what we look like on the outside, take time to ask how your colleagues are and listen to the answer. Try a new skill like Mindfulness, to help you focus on adapting. Take timeout from your on-line meetings and don’t isolate yourself in the same 4 walls. 
Whether you are full of excitement or full of trepidation to come out of ‘hibernation’, your emotions will be running riot and your mental wellbeing can suffer. 
www.InspireIgnite.co.uk have more tips for increasing Mental Wellbeing. 
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