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1. Set and keep a routine, its hard at first, if you keep to same time same place it becomes part of you. 
2. Keep snacks away (donโ€™t have them at hand), eat well and take specific breaks that make you get up and move around. 
3. Set bedtime and get up time as you would if you are going to school- it is a school day and this will make it easier when you return to school โ€“ which you will. 
4. Take up a new skill and practice it, like Mindfulness- Inspireignite has free downloads to try (click HERE for these) ๐Ÿ˜‰ This helps you keep focus on what you want to achieve. 
5. Eat lunch together, home schooling , home working, use the time to enjoy the company of family. 
6. Eat healthier food to feed your brain. Plan the meals together for the week, so you know what your eating and not having easy grab food. 
7. Focus and put effort into what you are doing and the time will pass quicker and you will feel you have accomplished the goal. 
8. Drink lots of water and keep hydrated- your body needs liquids to grow in body and in mind. 
9. Focus on what you can control v what you canโ€™t control. You are what you eat, drink, say and do- so be the best. 
10. When the works done Get Out and Play, walk โ€“ talk and have FUN. 
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