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Supporting Mental Health in Schools and Colleges Summary report 

The Department for Education conducted a study that was published in August 2017 that shows around 1 in 10 children and young people have at least one of many symptoms of mental illness and well-being issues that have been left undiagnosed. On average, this breaks down to 3 in every classroom, a staggering number that are not accessing support. 
The aim of this research was ultimately to help young people suffering with mental health and wellbeing issues by identify when it is best to offer support and how is best placed to provide this. 
This research was carried out using two separate surveys conducted over several different school terms. One survey was with students and the second was with the education institutions. The student as well as finding what institutes are currently facing, dealing with, and how they are handling these topics. The surveys were presented to senior members of staff in over 2,500 different institutes participating, being the first survey of this type ever carried out. 
The findings generally show that institutions feel they were in a unique and efficient position to support and help students and to refer students to specialists as necessary. 
It was also shown that a vast number of these institutions are implementing mental health and mental well-being into the school day, InspireIgnite offer support to students within the school environment on an individual or group basis. 
This research is the first of its kind that opens opportunities for further research and government assistance even to offer help and support to institutions as well to students themselves, even possibly changing the curriculum in the future. 
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