A Sticky Note With The Words 'Believe In Yourself' Written On It

People are (sometimes!) their own worst enemy…. 

How often do you (metaphorically) drag yourself down or beat yourself up over a simple mistake when trying to reach the perfect outcome (if there is such a thing)? 
At Inspire Ignite we believe if you have a starting position of loving yourself for your imperfections and can reflect on what you have achieved so far, then the next steps will become easier. The last 5-6-12-15 weeks may have been tough, confidence depleted, fear of the unknown, so, How do you pick yourself up and plan to achieve in the next few weeks/days/minutes? 
How are you going to believe in yourself and feel good about what you have already achieved, and plan for your future? How will you block out negativity? How can you stop listening to other peoples’ negativity? 
By looking inside yourself and deciding who you want to be. By raising and keeping your self-esteem you will feel more deserving of good things. 
This will increase your motivation to reach out for more and have less self-doubt and lesson self- sabotage. 
There are lots of checklists to help increase self-esteem, ultimately, it is about how much you like yourself and pick yourself up after knockdowns. 
Here is one idea to kick start your day; 
Say No To Your Inner Critic – Inspire Ignite call this Negative Newt and we can replace it with Positive Parrot, although they are playful characters they are very useful to explain the concept have a look our books called Positive Parrott and Negative Newt. although these books are for children the lessons within them are relevant for adults too. 
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