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Happy Students- Work Harder! (Part 1) 

I’ve been working in Mental Health in some kind of form for the last 30 years and 6 years ago was Lucky enough to set up Inspire Ignite, with my business partner Hannah Cheshire. We both have a passion to support and more importantly help people understand why they do what they do and we offer choices to change. This is where we started to look at the Psychology of “Why” and “How” to change. 
We felt this was hardly looked at or identified in younger children and students, unless they had a ‘problem’ to deal with. We discussed that if we were able to give students from as young as 8/9 years, some ways of finding their and being confident with their identity and skills to deal with the transitions and obstacles face, they would be skills for life. 
However, Psychology, historically concentrates on better performance. Inspire Ignite believes if you have a Happier student, they will work harder for what they want. We talk and teach more about what triggers are stopping them achieving their passion and dreams. Looking at the – who are they really and who do they want to be? Once a student is engaged in the “Why” it often leads into the “How” do I get there. 
What we see a lot of in schools is the stereotype of students according to their academic ability, this can sometimes create fear, anxiety and anger. It’s almost an alter-ego that students strive to achieve, whilst not having an understanding of their Emotional Intelligence and how that can support and enhance their academic achievements. It’s a constant re-negotiating and re-inventing who they are if they don’t achieve, whether in sport, academics or home life, without the ability to connect with their Mental Health and Emotional Understanding. We have school programs for Primary and Secondary that are fully planned and have age appropriate workbooks for students to work through, click here to find out more
Part 2 coming soon ….. 
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