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A young Persons mental health is as important as their physical health and their academic achievements. A learner’s education is not only about academia, it also incorporates how to deal with life, building relationships and understanding their own emotional intelligence. 
Inspire Ignite, felt that this should start earlier in schools so that learners can build coping mechanisms and resilience to challenges they may face. This seems more important with the difficulties they face today, will school be open? or wont it?. 
One of the biggest and hardest steps for a learner to deal with emotionally is from Primary to Secondary school. In our current times, it seems inconceivable that the last transitioning year 6’s had to step through the gates of their secondary school without the benefit and guidance of the transitional week. Some of the Young Leaners we have worked with talk about feeling anxious and scared about going to secondary school and that was prior to Covid-19 restrictions. 
Being able to explore feelings enables a young person to learn that anxiety can be overcome and that talking to their peers or someone trusted is a way to work through their fears. Prior to the restrictions of 2020 transition learners talked about knowing where they were going and having met their class tutor, however, they were not always mentally prepared for what lay ahead. Imagine starting a new job, one you have not chosen and one that has up to 2000 employees all working from the same building. You know nothing about the organisation, and you come from a small business where you know everyone and you have been there for 5 years – you have become ‘top-dog’. Imagine that going from being the eldest and the most experienced to the youngest and smallest. By helping young people to mentally prepare for secondary school, exams, leaving school, leaving care we are supporting the development of their mental health – how amazing is that. 
The importance of supporting young people through transitions they face in their lives enables the development of resilience, self-confidence and calmness to change. 
There are many programmes that support young people as individuals the importance of creating a safe learning environment for all learners is that those who go unrecognised as having support needs can access the well-being knowledge with their classmates. This learning need doesn’t stop when a young person transitions into secondary school, the same transition process occurs when leaving school, when leaving Sixth form and apprenticeships, being able to identify their natural abilities in dealing with difficult situations and how best to focus on their strengths to achieve their goals in work, is a skill that needs to be taught in a safe way. 
All children are capable of extraordinary things, given the support to develop their sense of identity. Inspire Ignites’ programmes are designed to nurture children’s interest in self-confidence and self-esteem. By developing a sense of self, the children learn about how to express themselves. 
Inspire Ignites’ Primary focus is on helping students get more out of their education. We give them real-world practical skills that help them feel more confident, experiences that build their self-esteem and engagement, and usable insights into better ways to benefit from their time in the education system. 
The happy smile on the face of our super friendly Positive Parrot character, puts a bright smile on life, teaching our little learners the value of positivity. 
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