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For the last couple of months, I have Volunteered at my local GP Practice, The Ridings Medical Practice to give Covid-19 Vaccinations, working around my own business. It really has taken me back to core skills I learnt as a Mental Health Nurse and a connection of why I became an RMN, (and yes Mental Health nurses are taught to give injections). 
I found my path into nursing purely by mistake, however once I started my training it connected to my love of understanding why people do what they do and what makes them tick. It connected my passion with skills that I learnt in training and the ability to put them into practice. After 25yrs working for the NHS it was time to fit work around my family and use what I had learnt and still do the job I love – working with people. This is where a lot of people are right now, after having been in Lockdown for a year, working from home or being on furlough. 
I think this time is a great opportunity for people to reconnect with their passion, using skills and being flexible, some becoming the entrepreneur they always wanted to be and some doing something that is more fulfilling for them. 
This really is an opportunity to grasp life and do something for yourself that feels meaningful and valued. The patients I have seen over the last couple of months have all had a story to tell and have shown emotions ranging from Anxiety, Excitement to Sadness. This range of emotions shows that as a community we value what we have. 
If we help each other move forward in 2021 with Determination and Resilience to make a change, then we will overcome Covid19, not only with a vaccine but with our spirit as a community. 
I ill value my return to working in a practice, the new people I have met both patients and staff and it has invigored me to make sure Inspire Ignite, continues to support students and adults in becoming more Confident and increasing Self-Esteem through our core programmes and training
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