A Child Playing Football

Is There Such A Thing As Healthy Competition? 

Some parents are under the impression that competition is a negative thing in the lives of children, leading only to children becoming sadden and frustrated at the thought of losing, and even possibly bullying if other children react negatively to winning or losing. Negative points of view may also be more directed at parental effects, such as the pressure that can be placed on children to win competitions or tournaments both in and out of school, and the worry that in turn, the children may be disappointing their parents if not even themselves. 
This does of course allow other points of view, such as the idea of children learning to play together as a team successfully, and develop relationships with team mates, encouraging them to make more friends and give a confidence boost which is a very positive aspect. Competitions and activities like these also aid in developing other aspects of children’s personalities such as being able to accept losses in their lives and not becoming arrogant or complacent, and even learning to be empathetic with others in similar circumstances. 
This is also reinforced by the use of encouraging children to set goals or themselves and what they would like to achieve, and how to get there, all the while still having a strong support network from teammates, supporters and parents. This works both ways as well, with losing allowing children to learn that they can’t always get what they want in life, but it is also okay to make mistakes and learn from them, bettering themselves in the long run. 
Inspire Ignite work with individual children and also have programmes that are designed for schools to work through with children. 
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