Primary School students Sat In A Semi-Circle Concentrating on Their Teacher
There are many ways to help your child when they are feeling anxious about tests, (some useful information here) but the question is, should we be putting our children through this stress in the first place? Shouldn’t children be out enjoying their childhood, rather than panicking and worrying about a couple of tests that only measure a few parameters? 

Year 6 SATs 

The Year 6 SATs measure children’s attainment in maths, reading, grammar, punctuation, and spelling; many children believe they are under achieving, or below average, due to not hitting targets or expected standards, and this can negatively impact their emotional wellbeing and ultimately their personal lives. 
Warning signs of a child suffering from stress: 
Trouble sleeping 
Negative emotions 
Headaches, stomach pain 
Low appetite 
Worrying and feeling tense 
SATs do not test for creativeness, kindness, sports performance, empathy, science, history – all things that children may be excelling at but don’t get scored for. Inspire Ignite’s book series supports young primary school age children to understand their emotions and help them deal with emotions that are often labelled as “Bad Behaviour”. 
These are available in all formats including a new downloadable version, get in touch to find out more. 
The Inspireignite Team 
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