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Happy Students- Work Harder! (Part 2) 

Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health is more about looking and understanding the relationship the student has with themselves and what drives them to their full potential. If this is matched with their academic ability it creates and a Happier Student who will often work harder to achieve because they develop an innate sense of self-belief and confidence in their own ability. It’s the same in the sporting arena, those that can identify themselves in other ways, either by playing another sport, have other recreational pastimes or study for a second career tend to do better at sport. It sharpens up another part of the Brain. 
Many people are seduced by success, results (in whatever form). It is really powerful and yet we are not taught from a young age how to deal with success and failure. have developed a series of sessions (with full session plans) that cover all ages in helping to identify and build confidence and resilience in who they are and what they want to achieve. Here is a link to our school and leaving care programs. 
The more we bring Emotional Intelligence into Education, the healthier it is for economy and the individual. There are tragic and terrible examples of students who don’t get the results or who are trolled on social media and don’t know how to deal with it. We need more Mental Health Understanding and Emotional Intelligence in Education so that it is normal to talk about. 
I hope this has fired up the imagination of teachers and parents to become more involved in Emotional Intelligence- please get in touch if you want to know more from Inspire Ignite. 
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