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Has your education enabled or hindered you in business? 

A learner’s education is not only about academia, it also incorporates how to deal with life, making relationships and understanding our emotional intelligence. A learners mental health is as important as their physical health and their academic achievements. Mental health is something we all have. When we enjoy good mental health, we have a sense of purpose and direction, the energy to do the things we want to do, and the ability to deal with the challenges that happen in our lives. 
COVID-19 has played a massive part in shaping students thoughts and feelings about their education and many of those who returned in September have struggled with the changes they have needed to adapt to. Even the most confident have had six months of a challenging environment where they may have lost family members or been isolated for long periods of time. 
Sue Altass and Hannah Cheshire, directors of Inspire Ignite, felt that emotional learning should start earlier in schools, so that learners can build coping mechanisms and resilience to challenges they may face (for example Covid-19). They want to introduce an understanding of Emotional Intelligence – how to deal with their mental health into primary and secondary schools to build confidence and belief in their own abilities. This is something that Government has now recognised and brought into the school curriculum from September 2020. 
One of the biggest and most challenging steps for a learner to deal with emotionally is the transition from Primary to Secondary school, the second being from school to work. Learners often know where they are going and have met their class tutor (Not in 2020 but next year!), however, are not always mentally prepared for what lies ahead. This is why we have written a complete programme called the ‘Transition Programme‘. 
Through the programmes we provide guided sessions for learners to deal with the stress and anxiety that can occur when transitioning in education and through into life. Our programmes have been created to give teachers, parents and carers all of the tools required to support in building knowledge of their learner’s emotions and focuses their ability to embrace life. To help deal with the struggles and stress that happens at school and in work. 
Sue and Hannah have released a series of books, mindfulness audio and educational tools to use with their Transition programme to enable and support a smoother move for learners from primary to secondary school. We have introduced two new characters Positive Parrot and Negative Newt to support children on their journey to help start secondary school with a positive attitude. 
The new books are part of the first programme- Transition, 8yrs-11yrs 
The new books are part of the first programme- Emotional Vocabulary, 6yrs-8yrs 
These programmes are part of their Me, Myself and I series, a unique set of programmes to support learners from the ages of six to 21 years. 
The programmes support individuals to achieve their potential, it helps the learner recognise their strengths and skills as an individual and use them in a positive way. 
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